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Update - Notion Icons 5.0


Wondering why you got this email? It's because you have already bought one of my Gumroad products.

It's been 5 months since I launched Notion Icons 5.0 & the responses have been really great from users.

Today I have added 10 new colors to the pack. Now there are 20 colors & a total of 5720 icons🤯.

Along with this, I have also made a few UI/UX improvements to make your experience better. The new update is already LIVE 🔴.

I have added the new set of icons as a separate ZIP file, so If you have previously downloaded the pack from Gumroad, you can get the new file by visiting Gumroad > Library > Notion Icons 5.0.

Thanks for your support. A huge thank you to people who have supported this project financially, and I'm really grateful for your love & support.

Thank you for your time. Wish you a great week! 😃


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Beautiful, thank you!!

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